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Love Henrietta’s legal declaration under oath…. Now that is commitment… and back when an oath was significant. :-)

I had been trying to help my daughter with her school work. She was having a few challenges and i thought back to how fortunate I might have been if someone had given me some guidance. My parents were quite laissez faire, which had its good and bad influences.

I began to harken back to my experiences in school. Which dragged up some stuff! I had an epiphany at my high school graduation. Many of my friends were collecting scholarships and awards and I was in the audience impatient for the damned ceremony to be over so I could start the evening of frivolity.

It was like a pan hit me on the head. What have I been doing? These people aren’t that brilliant, I can do that. So I made an oath ( like Henrietta, without the legal ramifications) to myself that I would figure out how to get good grades in college. In fact I aimed for straight A’s. And to make a painfully long story less long, I graduated at the top of my class.

So I wanted to share what I’d learned with my daughter. I began to write down notes. Ultimately as my two younger kids grew I decided to publish it as a how-to book. They gained the most benefit and certainly gave me legitimacy.

It’s not a best seller, but it’s full of my insights and short cuts to getting top grades and may be found on Amazon. So when that was published, I claimed I was a writer.

But, of course I’d rather be the brooding, eccentric type who writes meaningful fiction that makes people gasp at my sagacity and insight into life. …. One can dream :-)

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I had jury duty and was about to be impaneled when the judge asked us one by one to rise and answer a few questions. When it was my turn, he asked what I did and, for the first time in public, I said "I'm a writer." He asked what kind, and I said "A good one?" So, right then and there, I kind of made it legal, under oath :-)

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